How to Make a Video Watermark (Bug) in Camtasia


A video watermark is a way for you to brand your video. Animating your logo and placing it in a lower corner is sometimes called a "bug." In this...

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How to Add an Image Watermark in Camtasia


Before adding an image watermark, consider a few things:

  1. Position - you don't want it overlapping the YouTube logo in the lower right.
  2. ...
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How to Add A Text Watermark in Camtasia


A watermark is a semi-transparent image that you put over something you create like a document, an image, or a video.

Watermarks are often used to...

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How to Recreate an Intro Video (#1)


In this video, I recreate a YouTube intro in Camtasia. Download the completed project files here: ...

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How to Make Interactive Videos with Camtasia


Most videos are passive. A viewer just sits back and watches whatever the creator put together. But with Camtasia, you can make interactive videos...

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How to Make an MP4 in #Camtasia


An MP4 file is a video file that works almost everywhere - like on YouTube, PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and even the latest TVs....

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How to Use Voice Narration in Camtasia


Voice Narration is for recording your voice inside Camtasia.

Use voice narration if you’ve already recorded your screen and you want to add...

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How to Record your Screen with Camtasia


How to Record Your Screen

Before recording your screen, you want to start with the end in mind. What resolution will your final video be?


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PC and Mac Differences in Camtasia 2019


Camtasia for PC and Mac are nearly identical, but there are several differences. While this isn’t a complete list, here’s a quick list...

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What Microphone I Use


I use different mics for different situations. The three types I use are shotgun, lapel, and desktop. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.


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