Ways to Use Blur in Camtasia


Here are five ways you can use the blur effect in Camtasia. Let’s start by reviewing how to apply the blur effect.

Click the Annotations tool...

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What's New in Camtasia 2019 for Mac?


What’s new in Camtasia 2019 for Mac?

Camtasia 2019 for Mac has a lot of the same new features that Camtasia for Windows has. You can find...

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New Assets for Camtasia 2019


When we talk about “assets” in Camtasia 2019, we’re often talking about videos, images, or audio that we use across multiple...

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How to Add Logos to Themes in Camtasia 2019


You can add logos to Themes in Camtasia 2019.

Themes allow you to keep your colors and fonts consistent among projects. Consistency makes your...

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New Whip-Spin Transition in Camtasia 2019


There’s a new Whip-Spin Transition in Camtasia 2019.

You might know that I’m not a fan of most transitions. Stick to a standard cut,...

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New Device Frames in Camtasia 2019


New Device Frames are in Camtasia 2019.

Wait. What are device frames again? Device Frames make your video look like it’s being played on a...

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Block Text Style in Camtasia 2019


The new Block Text Style in Camtasia 2019 automatically changes the height of each line of text. This makes the text fill the text box.

To best see...

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New Canvas Dimensions in Camtasia 2019


Camtasia 2019 has new Canvas Dimensions. In the past, you could only select up to 1920x1080 for your canvas, it didn’t have any social media...

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How to Space Text in Camtasia 2019


In Camtasia 2019, you can change the text spacing of text annotations.

Create a text annotation from the Annotations tool. From the Callouts tab,...

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How to Import PDFs in Camtasia 2019


Camtasia 2019 lets you import the first page of a PDF. There are some graphics that created and put into PDFs. These images come in as vectors,...

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