How to Customize Shortcuts in Camtasia 2019


Previous versions of Camtasia would only allow you to customize 8 keyboard shortcuts. Camtasia 2019 allows you to customize over 8 PAGES of...

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How to Use Cursor Smoothing in Camtasia 2019


Cursor smoothing is a new feature in Camtasia 2019. It makes your mouse cursor movements look more intentional. In other words, a cursor that moves...

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How to Auto-Normalize Loudness in Camtasia 2019


Camtasia 2019 has a new feature called Auto-Normalize Loudness. Let’s break down what this means and then let’s look at how we can...

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What's New in Camtasia 2019?


Camtasia 2019 is here! What’s new in Camtasia 2019?

  1. The feature I’m most excited about, is automatically adjusting audio levels....
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