Block Text Style in Camtasia 2019


The new Block Text Style in Camtasia 2019 automatically changes the height of each line of text. This makes the text fill the text box.

To best see this in action, create a text box with at least two lines of text. You can create a text annotation from the Annotations tool.

Double click inside the text annotation and edit the text so you have multiple lines of text. Use the resizing handles on the sides of the text box to make the callout narrower or wider.

Make some lines longer and some shorter. Use the Enter key to complete a line of text.

The width of the text box will be a guide for how wide to make each line. The wider the text box, the larger the fonts will be.

Don’t worry about changing the height. After we apply the effect, the height of the text box will automatically change.

Right click inside the text box and choose Apply Block Text Style. Each line of text you entered will be resized so it fills the width of the text box.

If you have a lot of text and a wide text box, it might resize your textbox beyond the size of the canvas. If this happens, you can just resize the box so it fits on your canvas.

I imagine this being used more with script-type fonts or stylized fonts. It looks like something that would be used for displaying quotes on social media.

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