How to Add A Text Watermark in Camtasia


A watermark is a semi-transparent image that you put over something you create like a document, an image, or a video.

Watermarks are often used to protect or identify the work. For example, you’ve probably seen watermarks on draft versions of documents, on images that have a copyright, or on a television channel.

To add a text watermark in Camtasia, start by creating a text annotation. Type the text you want, resize it to the height you want, move it to the location you want (usually lower right), and make it white or very light gray.

From the Visual Effects tool, drag the Drop Shadow effect to the text. This will make it easier to see on lighter backgrounds. With the text selected, go to the Visual Properties tab in the Properties Panel and reduce the opacity between 10 and 25%.

Drag the annotation to the top of the timeline and extend its duration for the length of your video. If you don’t want it to appear over your entire video, you could create animations that have it fade out and fade in over time.

Download two watermark projects from

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