How to Add Logos to Themes in Camtasia 2019


You can add logos to Themes in Camtasia 2019.

Themes allow you to keep your colors and fonts consistent among projects. Consistency makes your videos look more professional.

You can create custom themes with your choice of colors and fonts. They can be applied quickly to annotations in any project. You can open the Theme Manager from the Properties Panel but it’s easier to go to File > Manage Themes.

When you choose Create, you’ll need to provide a name for the theme. You can choose up to 5 colors for your theme. These make up a color palette that you’ll use when you need to select colors. If you need more than 5 colors, you’ll need to create an additional theme.

The Fonts tab lets you choose 1 or 2 fonts.

New in Camtasia 2019, there is a Logo tab. This lets you add a logo to your theme. Once you’ve made your selections, click the Save button in the lower right to save your theme.

While you can apply your colors and fonts to any annotations, you can only apply your logo to Library assets that TechSmith created.

When you add Library assets with a logo, like the Lower Thirds named “electricbox,” you can choose your theme from the Properties Panel to have your colors and your logo used. You can’t create your own lower thirds, for example, and share it with friends so they can insert their own logos.

So for now, the only way to use your logo, is to use TechSmith Library assets.

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