How to Customize Shortcuts in Camtasia 2019


Previous versions of Camtasia would only allow you to customize 8 keyboard shortcuts. Camtasia 2019 allows you to customize over 8 PAGES of shortcuts.

Navigate to Edit > Preferences or press Ctrl , (comma) to open Camtasia Preferences. Click the Shortcuts tab at the top and you’ll see several pages of keyboard shortcuts on the left. Click on a Shortcuts page to see the shortcuts you can customize.

To change a shortcut, click in the shortcut field to the right. When you do, Camtasia prompts you to change the shortcut by pressing a key or combination of keys.

Maybe you want to use Ctrl T to split a clip to make it more consistent with Camtasia for Mac.

To make this change, click the Timeline Editing page on the left. Click in the field to the right of Split selected media. Press Ctrl T and let go. Press the Esc key to commit the change and you’ll see the shortcut field update to Ctrl T.

The arrow to the right will let you restore the shortcut to its default value. If you want to reset ALL the shortcuts, press the Restore defaults button in the lower left.

If you chose a shortcut that was already assigned, Camtasia displays a message that the key was previously assigned, what function it was assigned to, and that it has been unassigned.

To restore that shortcut, find the page it was on and restore its default using the restore arrow.

Once you’ve made your changes, press the OK button to commit your custom keyboard shortcuts.

Recorder shortcuts are still found in the recorder under Tools > Options > Shortcuts.

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