How to Import PDFs in Camtasia 2019


Camtasia 2019 lets you import the first page of a PDF. There are some graphics that created and put into PDFs. These images come in as vectors, which means you can scale them up infinitely without losing image quality.

You can import a PDF like you would any other file that you want to use in your Camtasia project. You can:

  • Go to File > Import > Media
  • Press Ctrl I for import
  • Go to the Media Bin (B) and press the Import Media button at the bottom.
  • Right click inside the Media Bin and choose Import Media
  • Or drag the file from your Windows Explorer window into Camtasia

Camtasia will import the first page of the PDF as an image. An 8½” x 11” PDF will come in as a 612 x 792 pixel image.

Camtasia makes the background transparent like a PNG file.

If you have multiple images on this page, then you’ll want to crop out the images you don’t want. The easiest way for you to do this, is to hold the Alt key to crop.

Without the Alt key, there are resizing handles around the image. When you hold down Alt, the resizing handles change to crop handles and let you crop part of your image by dragging the handles inward.

If your image is black or dark, then you might need to change the canvas color to white so you can see the image.

To change the canvas color, click the Canvas Options dropdown and choose Project Settings. Click the color dropdown and select a color.

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