How to Make an MP4 in #Camtasia


An MP4 file is a video file that works almost everywhere - like on YouTube, PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and even the latest TVs. Let’s look at two ways to produce an MP4 in Camtasia.

When you record your screen with Camtasia, the screen recording is a trec file. But did you know that you can produce an MP4 when you’re done recording?

One way to create an MP4, is to change the settings in the Camtasia Recorder. Click Tools > Options > and go to the Program tab. Near the bottom, there’s a field called “Do this with my recording.” Make sure that the box is checked for “Hide preview window after recording is stopped.”

In the next field, you can choose “Produce” and click OK. Now when you record your screen and stop recording, you’ll save the recording file and Camtasia will open.

The Production Wizard also opens so you can produce an MP4 file. The most common option here, is “MP4 only (up to 1080p).” Click Next, give it a name, choose a folder, click Finish, and Camtasia will begin creating your MP4 file.

Most of the time, however, we’ll save the recording and make edits to it. When you save a Camtasia project, that’s a tscproj file. But YouTube and other video players can’t use those files.

When you’re done making your edits, you’re ready to create your video. The second way to produce an MP4 is by going to the Share menu and choosing “Local file…” Just like the first option, you’ll probably want to choose “MP4 only (up to 1080p),” give it a name, choose a location, and click Finish.

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