How to Record your Screen with Camtasia


How to Record Your Screen

Before recording your screen, you want to start with the end in mind. What resolution will your final video be?

If you’re uploading it to a specific platform like YouTube, Instagram, or a learning management system (LMS), then the platform usually has guidelines for what the resolution should be. If you’re not sure, then use 1920x1080 which is currently the most common video resolution.

Set your screen resolution to the final video resolution. You could also go to a higher resolution if you plan to zoom in a lot.

Prepare your computer by closing any unneeded programs. Change your background to a solid color by right clicking the desktop and choosing Personalize > Solid color > and picking a color. Hide desktop icons by right clicking the desktop > View > Show desktop icons.

Some people prefer to hide the date and time to keep their videos from appearing old. Right click the Taskbar > Taskbar settings > scroll down to “Turn system icons on or off” > turn the Clock to “Off.” Alternatively, you could hide the taskbar by clicking “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode” in Taskbar settings.

Open the Camtasia Recorder which you can get to from the Windows Start Menu or by pressing Ctrl R inside Camtasia.

Set the recorder to record at full screen and press the record button. Record everything without stopping. If you make a mistake, you can go back and recreate the steps then edit out the mistake when editing.


Use F10 or the stop button on the recorder to stop recording. Camtasia opens and you can begin editing.

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