How to Space Text in Camtasia 2019


In Camtasia 2019, you can change the text spacing of text annotations.

Create a text annotation from the Annotations tool. From the Callouts tab, click and drag a text callout to the canvas or timeline.

With your text callout selected, go to the Text Properties tab in the Properties Panel.

At the bottom, you’ll see two, new elements named V. Spacing and H. Spacing. These stand for vertical, or up-and-down spacing, and horizontal, or side-to-side spacing.

Vertical spacing lets you increase or decrease the amount of space between two or more lines of text.

Horizontal spacing lets you put space between characters in a word or line.

There are three ways you can adjust your spacing.

  1. You can click and drag the slider to increase and decrease the amount of space.
  2. You can click inside the number field and type a number that you want.
  3. You can click inside the number field and use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to increment or decrement the spacing numbers by one-tenth.

You can also use negative numbers here. With negative numbers, you’re getting the text closer together than it would normally be. This helps you fit text into an area by slightly squishing the letters together.

If using the slider, the vertical spacing ranges from -.5 to 3.0 and horizontal spacing ranges from -.2 to 5.0. If typing, you can go up to 10.0 for horizontal spacing.

When you select an annotation with a shape, you’ll also get an option to auto-rotate text. This keeps your text upright if you spin the annotation upside down. If you uncheck this box, then your text will flip upside down with the annotation.

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