How to Use Voice Narration in Camtasia


Voice Narration is for recording your voice inside Camtasia.

Use voice narration if you’ve already recorded your screen and you want to add your voice to the screen recording.

I recommend scripting your narration and practicing it so that it sounds natural. When you script, keep it conversational like you’re talking to a friend. Scripting lets you use the right words and makes editing faster.

If you don’t want to script, have an outline at a minimum so you don’t leave anything out.

You want to have a microphone connected to your computer. A USB microphone like the Blue Yeti lets you easily record directly to your computer without needing additional equipment.

Open the Voice Narration tool (V) inside Camtasia. Choose your microphone at the top. Open your script. You can copy and paste it into the Voice Narration tool or just leave it open in the application it’s in. Begin speaking your script into your microphone to get an idea of how loud or quiet you are.

Adjust the audio level slider so your voice is registering somewhere between 50 and 75% in the audio indicator. You don’t want to see the audio indicator ever get to the maximum or your audio will be distorted. You also don’t want the level too low because it might not capture everything you’re saying.

Record a 10-second sample and save it. Use over-the-ear headphones to listen for background noise and to make sure it’s recording the right microphone.


Make any adjustments and record your voice narration. If you make a mistake, just repeat the line you messed up. You can remove mistakes later.

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