New Device Frames in Camtasia 2019


New Device Frames are in Camtasia 2019.

Wait. What are device frames again? Device Frames make your video look like it’s being played on a computer or a smartphone.

To get this effect, you need to open the Visual Effects tool on the left. Drag the effect from the tool to your clip. You can apply the effect to an image or video file.

When you do, you’ll see the entire canvas and your clip change. Now, your clip is sitting on a desktop computer screen. If you play through your clip, you’ll even see a little bit of motion in the background, so it looks live instead of just a static image.

On the right in the Properties Panel, you have four default devices that you can apply to your clip. The desktop and MacBook Pro options show your video on a computer screen. The iPhone and Google Pixel frames are designed to display vertical video.

To download more device frames, click the dropdown box next to the Type field, and select the last option, Download More. This takes to you a page where you can select specific device frames to download and use in your projects.

Put your mouse over a thumbnail to see what device frame will look like. Click the Camtasia logo to download the device frame to your computer.

These device frames could showcase a digital product or a website. Record yourself scrolling through your website and place it on one of these frames. You could also put this at the end of a video and direct people to your homepage or a sales page.

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