Ways to Use Blur in Camtasia


Here are five ways you can use the blur effect in Camtasia. Let’s start by reviewing how to apply the blur effect.

Click the Annotations tool (N) and click the Special / Blur & Highlight tab. The blur effect looks like a teardrop. Drag the annotation to the canvas or timeline. The blur effect needs to be on a track ABOVE whatever you want to blur.

  1. Blur backgrounds. If you’re using a green screen, then you’re replacing the screen with a new background. If you want to add some depth of field to your background and make your shot look more cinematic, then you can blur your background.
  2. Blur your screen. If you’re creating a screencast and have important information to share with your audience, you can blur the screen and add text. You might also do this with a title. If you use this effect, I also recommend darkening the background.
  3. Blur private information. This is the most common use case for blurring. You recorded your screen and it captured your email, username, phone number, or some other private information. Add blur to keep your information private.
  4. Blur your logo/intro. If you show your logo at the beginning of your video, you can blur your logo as it comes in and leaves. Add a slow size increase and fade in. This is a cool effect that you might notice from a popular television show.
  5. Blur to focus attention. For this effect, you’re showing your viewers what you want them to see by blurring out everything that they don’t need to see. Put the blur effect over what you want to highlight, and then check the Invert option in the Properties Panel.

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