What Microphone I Use


I use different mics for different situations. The three types I use are shotgun, lapel, and desktop. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

For talking head videos like this, I use the Sennheiser MKE 600 shotgun microphone. This captures audio in front of the mic and rejects audio from the sides. What’s great about this, is that there can be some noise outside the room and the mic won’t pick it up. The disadvantage is that when I turn to the sides, the audio drops because I’m not right in front of it. It also requires additional equipment like this Zoom H4n Pro for phantom power.

For recording when I’m not in the studio, I use a lavalier or lapel microphone - specifically, the Rode SmartLav+. This plugs into my smartphone and lets me record anywhere. It’s basically a wireless microphone. I use this when I travel because it’s small and I can use it in almost any situation. The disadvantage is that it’s omni-directional so it picks up audio everywhere around me.

For audio-only recording, I use the Blue Yeti. I used this mic to record the audio version of the Camtasia Mastery book. The mic is very sensitive, so I had to record in an area that blocked out as much noise as possible. The best place I found for this, was to record in my closet. The clothes absorbed echoes and other sounds. Another advantage that the Blue Yeti has, is that it plugs into the USB port of my computer. This makes recording easier because I can record directly into Camtasia rather than into a recorder or smartphone.

Disclaimer: These are the mics I use. If you buy a microphone through my link, I will receive a small payment. As an affiliate, a fraction of the sale is given to me and you don't pay anything more. It's a win-win for us both.

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