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"This course is incredible. I have taken several online courses, and this is by far the best. I went from no knowledge of Camtasia to a good solid understanding of just about every aspect of the program. Ron is an excellent instructor. Even his guitar playing and singing were enjoyable. I give this course my strongest recommendation."

Linley Richter

With Camtasia Mastery, you'll get...

10 Hours of Video Training

We walk through just about every aspect of Camtasia. Modules let you start at the beginning or jump around to find what you need.

Download All Video Lessons

Take the video lessons with you wherever you go. Yours forever. When I pay for a course, I want downloads. Why doesn't everyone do that?

Training for Three Versions

If you have any of the last 3 versions of Camtasia (9, 2018, or 2019), we've got you covered! Version-specific features are covered in their own sections.

Windows (100%) and Mac (85%)

Made with a Windows PC, but very similar to the Mac version (which I also use). Nearly all Mac students find this training helpful.

Best-selling Camtasia Course

Nearly 11,000 students purchased this course and have said, "easy to understand," "extremely comprehensive," and "thorough and practical."

30-day Money-back Guarantee

We don't want your money if we didn't help you. Get every penny back -- even if you watched and downloaded every lesson. We want you happy.  :-)


What's Covered in Camtasia Mastery


After the introduction and course overview, you'll learn how to install Camtasia and what the different parts of the interface are. 


You'll learn what you can record, how to prepare your computer for recording, use the recorder, record audio, and save your recording.

Editing Foundations

Set your canvas, resize video and images, properties panel, importing, library, projects, splits, cuts, aligning, stitching, tracks, transitions, cursor (mouse arrow) effects, and basic audio editing.

Intermediate Editing

Learn to extend a frame, change clip speed, crop videos and images, create annotations, put markers on the timeline and clips, level volume, reduce noise, and add background music.

Advanced Editing

This module includes animations, rotation, positioning, behaviors, drop shadow, color adjustment, using a green screen, removing a color, captions, grouping, quizzing, hotspots, and masks.


Exporting projects, frames, and audio, basic production, production presets, file formats, watermarks, table of contents, production presets, Smart Player video settings, and hosting videos.

Wondering what the training is like?
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"Yes, this guy knows this software. I spent over 10 hours trying to find someone to help me on YouTube. Watching videos for nothing. I should have come here first."

Jimmy Cook


We're video creators like you.

We have training videos, online courses, and YouTube channels that we use to help people learn. We've created thousands of videos and have picked up a lot of tips along the way. We love sharing what we learn with people like you.

Ron Hogue

  • Award-winning trainer
  • Creator of best-selling course
  • 8 years of Camtasia experience
  • Software trainer since 2003
  • Co-author of Camtasia Mastery book

Lon Naylor

  • Top Camtasia video pro
  • Video marketing specialist
  • 15 years experience with Camtasia
  • YouTube channel with over 5,000 subs
  • Co-author of Camtasia Mastery book

"This is a detailed, step-by-step run-through of using Camtasia. Most of the focus is on creating screen recordings or screen and talking head combinations, though a lot of the techniques also apply to straight talking head videos, too. I've watched several YouTube and TechSmith videos on Camtasia, and I find Ron's course to be much more thorough, and comprehensible. It's also sprinkled with time-saving tips I haven't seen elsewhere. Equally important, Ron is very responsive to questions and 'goes the extra mile' for his students. For example, I'm mostly doing talking head videos, and when I had a question about a sample video I created, he not only answered the question, but created a small demo from my video file to show me exactly what he meant in his answer. As I said, the extra mile. Highly recommended."

David J. Bookbinder
Life Coach and Psychotherapist


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